Day Courses: Tactical Medicine & Management of Terrorist Incidents


This series of three separate one-day courses will be held in February and March. These courses will address issues of tactical importance, including gunshot and blast injuries, ballistics, different weapon types and means of body protection (e.g. armour), practical principles of prehospital and emergency department management of gunshot/blast injuries and specific precautions.

The disaster response to terrorist incidents and the key relationships between police, tactical units and prehospital healthcare providers during the management of these difficult situations will be covered in detail.


4 Feb 2017 (Sat): Terrorism and Public Order Incidents


4 Mar 2017 (Sat): Transport Terrorism and Chemical/Biological/Radiological/Nuclear Incidents


18 Mar 2017 (Sat): Wounding Agents and Injuries in Crime, Civil Disorder and War



Registration form and instruction may be found here.