Master of Science projects

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Projects submitted in the last 3 years

Name Project Title Principal Supervisor
LEE, Hiu Wai The Pediatric Early Warning score as a predictor of the admission rate in emergency department. Nursing officer, QMH

Yau Mei Yuk

HO, Yiu Nam Equipment Preference of Hong Kong Ambulance in Mountain Rescue Dr. William WK WOO
KOO, Ka Lok Effectiveness (Depth and Frequency) of Chest Compression (CC) on manikin on soft surface, hard surface board and ambulance stretcher without mattress Mr. Jacky CK Chan
KWAN, Pak Lam Investigate the efficiency of the chest compression on adult CPR with one hand and two hands performed in 2 minutes by the Paramedic personnel in Hong Kong Dr. Janice Yeung
LING, Siu Kai Wilfred The effectiveness of continuous chest compressions on adult manikin by qualified nurses in Hong Kong Ms. LF So
LO, Chun Pong Nurse trained with TNCC training will be more knowledgeable than those without pervious training on managing trauma patient. Dr. Janice Yeung
PONG, Chun Kit Does educational video help knowledge retention on Basic life support (BLS) before the license expires? Mr. WK Poon
SO, Ka Wo Exploring the belief of nurses about nurse initiated defibrillation Dr. YF Choi
TSANG, Chi Ho A Scoring Table Improves GCS Assessment of Helicopter Rescuers in Hong Kong: a randomized, controlled trial Dr. William WK WOO
WAN, Cheuk Wai Can the alcohol-intoxicated individuals sending to detoxification facility safely rather than a emergency department by using a evaluation checklist?

Project Site: Queen Mary Hospital Accident & Emergency Department

Dr Jacky Chan /

Dr CK Shek

WONG, Hung Fai The accuracy of the Infrascanner as a screening tool for the detection of intracranial hemorrhage (ICH) in Chinese adult patients with head injury in Hong Kong Dr. TK Leung
CHUK, Lee Kwan Emergency nurse practitioners’ use of a modified Edinburgh Red Eye Diagnostic Algorithm in adult emergency department patients: an observational study of patient-reported symptom resolution Ms. Josephine Chung
FUNG, Wing Yee Comparison diagnostic performance between Bernese Ankle Rules and Ottawa Ankle Rules: A prospective diagnostic study Dr. SK Lam
SIU, Siu Pong Survival of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest in Hong Kong: Retrospective study using the Utstein template Prof. Colin Graham
CHEUNG Wan Yi Adherence to Emergency Nurse Practitioner discharge advice in patients with foot and ankle injury: A randomized controlled trial Prof. Timothy Rainer
SAIGAL, Viveik Mohan Can a low-cost method of, distributing First Aid Information pamphlets, as newspaper inserts, significantly affect an Indian community’s knowledge of First Aid skills? Prof. Colin Graham
AU, Hang Ching Validation of the Modified Early Warning Score (MEWS) in predicting outcomes in adult clinical oncology ward patients: prospective observational study Prof. Colin Graham
MA Sik Ming Samuel Compare the accuracy of x-ray interpretation to emergency nurse practitioners and junior emergency doctors in HK Emergency Department Ms. Josephine Chung
WONG, Chi Ho The Prospective Study for Modifying Ankle Rule in Chinese Population by Emergency Nurse Practitioner Prof. Timothy Rainer
CHAK, Mo Yin The Exploration of Fatigue, Sleep and Depression in Nurses Working in Accident and Emergency Department in Hong Kong Mr. WK Poon
CHIN, Kwok Cho Comparison of depth of chest compression between experienced and inexperienced first aider in Hong Kong Prof. Timothy Rainer
CHUNG, Ming Leung The Challenges that Hong Kong emergency ambulance personnel encounter in trauma cases:

What matters the most?

Dr. Janice Yeung
SIU, Siu Pong Can laypersons in Hong Kong identify Stroke by using F.A.S.T. scale directed by ambulance dispatcher? Mr. Jacky CK Chan
VONG, Ho Yan Assessment of the knowledge and accuracy of Glasgow coma scale among Accident and Emergency Department junior and senior nurses in Hong Kong Prof. Colin Graham
WAN, Chun Wing Esophageal Tracheal Combitube as an Airway Management Device for All Paramedics in Hong Kong Fire Services Mr. WK Poon
WONG, Chor Ho Is There Any difference in Tidal Volume Between Experienced and Inexperienced First-Aiders When Using Bag-Valve-Mask Ventilation During Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Prof. Colin Graham


CHAN Wan Fung The Perception of the Emergency Department (ED) Patients towards Emergency Nurse Practitioner (ENP) service in Hong Kong Mr. WK Poon
LEE Kwok Yan Can Music therapy promote pain relief for patient using the Oxford Chair for anterior shoulder dislocation? Ms. FL So
SAIGAL, Viveik Mohan Comparing literacy retention between onsite  and remote training, of a “Brain & Heart Attack Recognition” curriculum for school students Prof. Colin Graham