Lancet-CAMS Health Summit 2017


Our team is honoured to be invited to present our abstract “Capillary and venous point-of-care testing of patient lactate concentrations in the emergency department: a prospective observational study” in The Lancet-CAMS Health Summit 2017, Beijing as a poster presentation. RSL Lo, KKC Hung, LY Leung, KH Lee, CY Yeung, SY Chan, CA Graham. Capillary and venous point-of-care testing of lactate concentrations in the

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Postgraduate Diploma and Master of Science in Prehospital and Emergency Care 2018-2020

PHEC 2018-2020

 Booklet of Master_Postgraduate Programme 2018-2020 Information sessions: Two introductory information sessions will be held at: Date: 1/3/18 Thursday Time: 18:00 to 19:00 Venue: Conference Room, Room 02C31, 2/F, Main Clinical Block & Trauma Centre, Prince of Wales Hospital, Shatin, NT. Prospective students should register to attend one of these sessions. Materials used in these session: Introductory presentation Orientation Introduction This unique programme is

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