This e-logbook serves as a companion to guide you through your attachment to Emergency Medicine and a record for us to assess you with.

It contains the basic skills and clinical experience you are expected to learn. Of course, the scope of Emergency Medicine should not be limited to the items inside the logbook.


To access the logbook, press “Emergency Practical Record” near the bottom of the page after the app has launched



You should be able to see “Add Procedural Record”, “Add Case Record”, “Teaching Sessions”, “Attendance”, “Upload Record” and “Show History”.



You are to complete all items in the “Procedural Record” section of the e-logbook. First 4 numerical digits of patient’s ID card number and the code of the clinician supervising you should be recorded.

10 Case Records are to be completed to meet the requirements.

You are required to attend ALL teaching sessions: Suturing, Sepsis, Trauma and Chest Pain.

It is expected that each student will spend at least 40 hours in the Emergency Departments.



It is your responsibility to keep your e-logbook and data entry in order. Incomplete data entry will make the assessment of your performance difficult.

You should upload your logbook at the end of your attachment. Students who do not meet these requirements will be referred to the Faculty of Medicine and may not be permitted to proceed to the Final Year Examinations.


A previous version of the logbook maybe found here: Logbook