Educational Resources

1. Free Emergency Medicine Talks

Free educational resource for emergency medicine, designed and run by Dr Joe Lex who is a highly respected EM physician from the US. Most of the files are mp3 format for ease of listening.


2. EMRAP:Educators’ Edition

A useful resource for Emergency Medicine Educators.


3. Lectures on Emergency Medicine Topics

By the International Federation for Emergency Medicine (IFEM)

These talks may be downloaded and used for other presentations.


4. AccessEmergency Medicine

By the McGraw-Hill Companies (Limited to CUHK staffs and students)


5. Recommended Emergency Medicine blogs, podcasts, and websites

Resource Type URL
Basic emergency medicine resources
BoringEM Blog
EM Basic Podcast
Rebel EM List of resources
Flipped EM Classroom Video podcast
Critical care resources
EMCrit Podcast
Pulm CCM Blog
The RAGE Podcast Podcast
Resus.Me Blog
EMS/retrieval medicine
PHARM Blog/podcast
Rural Flying Doctor Blog
Evidence-based medicine
Best Bets Web site
EM Literature of Note Blog
EM Nerd Blog
The NNT Web site
SMART EM Podcast
General emergency medicine resources
Academic Life in Emergency Medicine Blog
EM Cases Podcast
Emergency Medicine Ireland Blog/video podcast
ER Cast Podcast
Life in the Fast Lane Blog
St. Emlyn’s Blog
The Skeptic’s Guide to EM Podcast
Interpretive resources
Amal Mattu’s Emergency ECG of the Week Video podcast
Dr. Smith’s EKG Blog Blog
Sonospot Blog
Ultrasound Podcast Video podcast
Pediatric emergency medicine
Don’t Forget the Bubbles Blog
Pediatric EM Morsels Blog
PEM ED Podcast
EM PEM Podcast