Master of Science projects

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Projects submitted in the last 3 years

Name Project Title Principal Supervisor
CHAN, Ting Hin The effectiveness on single CPR quality of different height of ambulance stretcher at the scene. Mr. Cheung Yung
FONG, Chun Man Is LAPSS effective for early identification of stroke patients in AED? Ms. Margaret Yuen
FUNG, Sui Man The association of Job Satisfaction and team effectiveness of Accident and Emergency Department nurses in Hong Kong Mr. William Chan


HUI, Sze In Health workforce development strategy in health emergency and disaster management in English literature: Scoping Review Prof. Kevin Hung and
Prof. Colin Graham
KWONG, Yiu Sing Does paramedic in different seniority willing to divert STEMI patients to designated hospital? Mr. Chong Kai Man
LEE, Yat Nam Does educational television commercial enhance the knowledge on decision-making of HK young adults on the utilization of ambulance services? Mr. Tai-kwan-yu and Mr. NG Chun-yu
LI, Ka Man What are the knowledge and attitudes of emergency nurses towards palliative and end-of-life care? Ms. Ching Ching ha
MOK, Wai Hang In patient present with hypothermia, dose guideline setting up for nurses for rewarming patient, compare with no guideline used, helps in correction of patient temperature? Ms. Margaret Yuen
NG, Sin Ying Score distribution of the HK-OCS in the Cantonese-speaking Hong Kong adults and the correlation between age, education level and the score distribution of the HK-OCS Dr. TSOI Tak Hong
TOCK, Hiu Ying The Use and Effectiveness of Pain Management in Patients in Emergency Medicine Ward Dr. Margaret Yuen
TSE, Hin Tung Iris Prevalence of burnout syndrome between emergency nurse of public and private hospital in Hong Kong during outbreak of COVID-19 Dr. Ho Kin Kei
WONG, Ka Ki Scoping Review on Health Workforce Development Strategy in health-emergency Disaster risk Management (HDRM) in Chinese Language Prof. Kevin Hung
YEUNG, Hiu Lam In stable casualty evacuation chest infection cases, does helicopters have lower seven-day mortality than boats transfer? Dr. Chee Pay Yun
YU, Ka Ching Dose “PYNEH AED Pre-Hospital 12-Lead ECG Pilot Program” reduce the door-to-balloon time or door-to-needle time of STEMI patients, hence, to increase the survival rate of the patient in 7 days? Ms. Margaret Yuen
CHENG, Yi Ki Evaluation on the knowledge of A&E nurses in prehospital stroke assessment. Mr. Tsui Sung Shan
CHIU, Wai Yin The relationship between the ambulance crews’ seniority and their capability to interpret ECG Mr. Tsui Sung Shan
CHOW, Tsz Chun Accuracy of Hong Kong Ambulance Personnel in Identifying Paediatric Patients Requiring Hospital Pre-Alert Ms. Mok Chi Hei, Peter
FUNG, Ka Wai Study of knowledge and attitude on fragility fracture management among nurses


Mr. Man Ka Ho
LAU, Tsz Lung Assessing Emergency Nurses’ Knowledge of Aging in the Accident & Emergency Department Ms. Ava Leung
LEUNG, Sin Ting The effect of standardized wound care education in OPD on patient’s understanding and confidence of wound self-care at home. Ms. Chung Wai Yin
LIM, Wai Ying Professional Quality of Life among Hong Kong Nurses at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Accident and Emergency Department Dr. Marc Yang
LUN, Yin Yan Pediatric Resuscitation Knowledge Among Emergency Department Nurses in Hong Kong Mr. Ng Chung Ming
MAN, Kit Factors influencing willingness of the general public

to provide first aid in an emergency

Dr. MAN Shin Yan
NGAI, Shun Lai Nursing workload in Rapid Assessment and Treatment model in a tertiary urban Emergency department, a retrospective cohort analysis Dr. Marc Yang
YUEN, Pak Hay Hazel Does utilisation of communication assistive aids increase the chances of using emergency medical services among hearing impaired persons in Hong Kong? Prof. Iris NG
CHAN, Lok Tung The effect of the Rapid Assessment and Treatment on the length of stay in the Accident and Emergency Department Dr. Marc Yang
CHAN, Sze Long A comparison of altitude of nursing staff working in ICU and subacute ward towards bystander CPR Mr. Lai Chi Keung Peter
CHU, Ka Po Study of the accuracy and inter rater reliability of ED Nurses in paediatric triage Mr. Cheung Kai Yeung (APN)
FAN, Sze Nga Myrian Is Injury Severity Score (ISS) a useful predictor of Quality of Life (QOL) in trauma patient in Hong Kong? Dr. Janice Yeung
HO, Ka Sin The perspective about advance care planning and advance directive among nurses in Hong Kong. Mr Chan CM (APN)
HUNG, Tak Yin Study on Attitude and Thoughts on Clinical Cultural Competency of Nurses Miss Ngan Wing Hung
LAI, Ka Wing Why AED Consultation Instead of Other Primary Healthcare Settings?
A Pilot Study in PWH
Dr. SY Man
LAI, Wai Lok An Experimental Study of Time Perception and Memory in CPR: Comparison between Professional & Layman in Hong Kong Mr. Law Chun Kit
LEUNG, Hong Kit Prehospital Delay and Patient Living Conditions in Acute Stroke Dr. Axel Siu Yuet Chung
LEUNG, Tik Man Accuracy of triage nurse in Hong Kong to identify shoulder dislocation Mr. William Chan
NG, Pak Hang Ethan Hiking related heat illnesses presenting in Hong Kong helicopter rescue service Dr. Janice Yeung
TAI, Ki Yan Tiffany Nursing Perspective on Electronic A&E Clinical Documentation: A quantitative questionnaire study Dr. Wong Oi Fung
TSANG, Po Ting The availability of AED in Residential Care Home for Elderly (RCHEs) and RCHE nurses’ perception of using AED in their workplace Dr. R Cheung
TUNG, Ka Hei Nurses’ attitude, practice, knowledge, towards physical restraint In Hong Kong adult ICU Dr. Janice Yeung
WONG, Cheuk Fung Knowledge of student teachers in basic life support and their willingness to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation? Mr. William Chan
WONG, Lok Sin Nurses’ Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice on removal of spinal board in department of Orthopaedic and Traumatology PYNEH Ms. Lam Wa Na (APN)
YEUNG, Yuen Ting A Survey on the attitude and perception of nurses and doctors on the implementation of nurse-led defibrillation Dr. Ralph Cheung