Undergraduate Students

Year 5 medical students rotate to the Emergency Department for two weeks. Students are exposed to a wide range of acute medical, surgical, paediatric and traumatic emergencies and receive bedside teaching in the ED itself but also on the Emergency Medicine Ward.

A formal workshop in suturing, and lectures on sepsis and trauma are also offered to our students.



Students come from all over the world (and from Hong Kong too!) to undertake elective periods in emergency medicine in the unit. We limit the number of elective students at any one time to no more than two as experience tells us that when the numbers go above this, there are simply too many students for the ED staff to be able to teach. Past students have consistently rated their elective periods highly. A working knowledge of Cantonese is clearly helpful, although several students have managed to have very useful electives without these skills.

Students will need to comply with all the elective regulations determined by the Faculty of Medicine. Information regarding application may be found on the faculty webpage here.

You may find a list of students who had undertook an elective period with us here.